Is Hospice the answer?

Hospice care can provide quality of life and dignity at home when there is a life-limiting illness. Complete the brief questionnaire to see if hospice might be right for your family.

Angels Care Hospice

Angels Care Hospice, part of the AngMar Medical Holdings, Inc. network, is a premier provider of hospice services in the communities we serve. Our comprehensive, holistic approach to hospice care centers around reducing the fear and burden associated with the end of life journey. This approach allows our patients and their families to live the fullest and most meaningful life possible wherever the patient calls home, including assisted living facilities, hospitals or long-term care facilities.



(Angels Care Hospice Medical Director and Patient’s Attending Physician) Oversees the patient’s plan of care and the Interdisciplinary Team.

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Makes regular patient visits, provide case management and provides education to help the caregiver(s) understand the best way to care for their loved one.

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Social Worker

Assists the patient and caregiver(s) with advanced directives, helps with legal and financial concerns and identifies community resources, when needed.

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Assists the patient with activities of daily living (ADL), if needed, such as bathing, dressing and eating.

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Provides non-denominational spiritual support, while respecting the faith and beliefs of the patient.

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Assesses the bereavement risk for the caregiver(s). Provides support to the patient’s caregiver(s) for at least 13 months after the patient passes away.

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Are trained in hospice care and can visit with the patient and provide relief for the caregiver(s).

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Our Interdisciplinary TeaM

Hospice & Palliative

Care Basics

Considering the end of life is not easy, whether you are planning for the future or coping with serious illness right now. Angels Care Hospice provides compassionate hospice care to patients with a life-limiting illness. Our interdisciplinary care team focuses on symptom management, pain relief and quality of life for patients facing life-limiting illnesses. Explore a range of supportive, Angels Care Hospice-provided resources in more detail.

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